The Paradigm Shift Project

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About Us

Our Mission The Paradigm Shift Project (PSP) works to advance education on important social and environmental justice issues through the production of short documentary films, educational materials, and outreach initiatives. By sharing best practices, the wisdom of unheard communities, and sustainable solutions emerging from the global south, PSP inspires meaningful connection, solidarity, and engagement, teaching individuals how they can participate as active global citizens working to achieve positive social change.

Our Work Each year, PSP chooses 2-3 pressing issues facing our global community and documents the sustainable solutions emerging from grassroots changemakers around the world. To date, we have filmed 9 projects with over 100 NGOs in 8 countries, on topics ranging from the rights of children to access to water to rainforest conservation to organic agriculture. With each of our projects, PSP engages in education outreach, training local non-profit organizations how to use film and photography to support their work, giving public lectures on social responsibility and engagement, and conducting in-class workshops for youth. All of our films are available online free of charge, for the world to see and share. Every organization that collaborates with PSP receives copies of our films to advance their cause in grantmaking, education outreach, and donor networking. We also create a free Educator’s Toolkit to accompany each film, with activities for use in classrooms from grade one right through university levels. Already in use in North America, Asia and the Pacific, these innovative resources inspire and empower students and educators alike with the tools they need to get involved as a new generation of changemakers.