New Traditions

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9045 16th Ave SW
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About Us

New Traditions provides a gender-specific outpatient program for women in recovery. Opened in 2008 and located in SW Seattle, we are committed to creating a safe, trauma-informed, and inclusive community.

Our program is specialized in providing comprehensive family-centered services to low-income women and their families through a PPW (Pregnant and Parenting Women) contract with King County. We are proud to be a leader in effective gender-based substance use disorder treatment. We are a small team of clinicians with passion to support women and their families in recovery through building recovery-oriented skills. Our clients come from diverse cultural backgrounds and we welcome diversity and unique life experiences to enrich our team.


To reconnect women with themselves, their families and their community by providing gender specific recovery services.


We believe that every person can change. We work to honor the unique hopes that each of our clients and their families bring in seeking recovery. As a team, we pursue service delivery with optimism and the knowledge that together, we can create opportunities for transformation.

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive community at New Traditions. We strive to understand how social injustice and other forms of trauma influence the lives of our community members, and to compassionately and respectfully create an environment for healing. Our board of directors and staff are accountable to racial equity work, and to applying a social justice lens to all current and future services.  

We believe that collaboration is at the heart of every meaningful change.  We work to support and restore family relationships for those in recovery. We know that this work is challenging, but that families are worth saving and that together, we can make our community stronger through recovery.

We pledge to be trustworthy partners to those who access, implement, and invest in our work. We believe in measuring progress and holding ourselves accountable as individuals participating in recovery, staff working to guide clients and families, and the board governing New Tradition’s excellence in services.