Jay Pritzker Academy

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Siem Reap


About Us

Daniel and Karen Pritzker founded Jay Pritzker Academy (JPA) in 2006. JPA is a Pre-K through12 school based on the highest international educational standards, to serve bright Cambodian children from impoverished families in the Siem Reap area. JPA is inspired by Providence St. Mel, a renowned school in the west side of Chicago serving a predominantly African-American student population. Both Jay Pritzker Academy and Providence St. Mel dedicate their efforts to preparing students for entry into top tier universities.

JPA supplies each student with the materials they need to succeed, including uniforms, notebooks, hygiene kits and three nutritious meals per day. Education, meals and study materials are provided completely free of charge to talented and motivated children from the rice-farming community surrounding the school.

Jay Pritzker Academy currently educates 475 students from villages surrounding the school.

Students are supported in their education with a highly qualified staff and a rigorous curriculum. JPA sets high standards for students. Students are well-behaved, polite, respectful and honest. JPA encourages leadership through student government, intellectual growth through an academically rigorous program, and global citizenship through respectful interactions with peers, faculty, and community members.