HAIYYA: Organize for Action

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About Us

Haiyya is a multi-issue non-partisan organization that develops leadership and community building as a means to create social change across neighborhoods in urban India. Haiyya believes that by organizing our local communities, we can build power to change the issues that impact us all - from creating more accountability in poor governance to tackling lack of women's safety to cleaning polluted streets. Our leaders range in religious, socio-economic and educational backgrounds as we believe community strength and power is driven from working across lines of difference on shared challenges. Our vision is to break through urban apathy and create a citizenry that is not only aware of its rights but willing and able to act to make a difference in their communities. Haiyya fulfills this vision through three main activities:

1) Organizing issue based campaigns to showcase successful examples and test new approaches,

2.) Training and supporting other community organizers,and

3) Educating and motivating other change makers to adopt community organizing as a tool for change.