Hoadehdhoo Island Development Society(HIDS)

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About Us

HIDS is an independent organization which was created for the noble intentions to contribute to the development of our island and country and to create awareness about various issues, among the populace of G.Dh. Hoadedhoo and all Maldivians nationwide. This organization celebrates significant national holidays, religious holidays and international holidays in addition to organizing various programs for youth in areas of importance such as human rights, education, environment, sustainable development, drug and substance abuse etc. HIDS also plays a crucial role in the encouragement and the enforcement of preserving our nation’s fragile environment, culture, language and its dialects.

HIDS is committed to the youth of our country. The ultimate goal of this organization is for active youth participation to become a rule, not an exception. This organization recognizes the abilities, enthusiasm, and energy that young people bring to a cause and prepare children and youth to lead healthy lives by providing them with the knowledge and personal skills needed to make informed and healthy choices. Thus the vision of this organization is to become a world class youth NGOs by understanding and fulfilling the needs of youth and their organizations.

HIDS relies on the voluntary donations of individual supporters, grant support from foundations, sponsors, contribution from members of the organization and funding from the government. Meanwhile the organization has a good working relationship with its entire major stakeholder i.e. the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Community Organization Development Council (CODC), the head council which appointed by the government of Maldives for all Maldivian NGO’s. HIDS also works closely with the island community, government agencies and other NGOs.

This organization is run by the HIDS executive committee which is elected by vote, from the members for a term of five years. The executive committee holds meetings at least twice a month in order to discuss and plan regarding the activities to be held. The allocation of responsibilities for different functions to different persons and schedule programs in due time and within the limits of resources and budgets, also takes place in these meetings. HIDS encourages its members to the application of individual skills and allows high flexibility to apply personal creativity in their work, aiming to optimize the ratio of effort and input to output.

HIDS exists to work together to find solutions, to take action and to make a change, under the motto “GET TOGETHER TO DEVELOP”. The members make a great effort to educate young minds, change attitudes and to raise fundamental concerns to the public knowledge and influence both the private and the public sector.