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Torrance Memorial Medical Center has been committed to helping people live clean and sober lives since 1991. In 2003, Torrance Memorial expanded this program with the establishment of The Thelma McMillen Center for Chemical Dependency Treatment of Torrance Memorial Medical Center. The center honors the memory of Thelma McMillen and was funded by her husband Karl B. McMillen Jr. This greatly expanded program is made possible through McMillen's generous gift of $5.3 million, the largest donation in the history of the hospital.

Members of the South Bay community since 1954, the McMillens knew firsthand about the tragedy of chemical dependency, having lost their eldest son to a drug overdose in 1996. A volunteer for many years at the South Bay Free Clinic, Thelma saw firsthand the great need for chemical dependency treatment programs in the community. Karl is a successful, self-made businessman and owner of one of the largest plumbing supply wholesalers in the country. He is also a recovering alcoholic who has been sober since 1986.

When his wife of 48 years passed away, Karl wanted to pay tribute to her and give back to the community he has lived in and loved for over 50 years. Haunted by his own personal tragedy and convinced of the need for additional treatment options for those with substance abuse problems, Karl conducted considerable research on existing chemical dependency programs in the South Bay before selecting one to be the beneficiary of his gift in tribute to Thelma. Karl selected Torrance Memorial Medical Center as the recipient of his generosity because it allowed the hospital to expand on an already successful chemical dependency treatment program.

The Facility The Thelma McMillen Center for Chemical Dependency Treatment of Torrance Memorial Medical Center represents a significant commitment toward the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse in the South Bay community. The facility reflects the unique character of the program, providing a true healing environment sensitive to the special needs of its patients. Located adjacent to the hospital at 3333 Skypark Drive, the Center has been extensively remodeled, providing 10,000 square feet of space filled with unique amenities such as:

Private entrance and exit Library and reading room to provide valuable resources Exercise room to promote physical well-being Separate entrances, waiting and treatment areas for adults and adolescents Spacious conference rooms ideal for lectures, support groups

Program Overview The Thelma McMillen Center for Chemical Dependency Treatment of Torrance Memorial Medical Center is committed to helping individuals and their families cope with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Participants find assistance through a four-phase, nine-month outpatient program that addresses the needs of both chemically dependent individuals and their families. Treatment begins with an initial assessment, followed by a 12-week course of intensive and transitional therapy conducted on an outpatient basis. A 24-week after-care program provides additional support for ongoing recovery. Both program enrollees and their families participate in their own treatment and support programs every step of the way.