Judith Heumann International Disability Rights Fellowship

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About Us

Judith Heumann is an internationally recognized leader in the disability community and a lifelong civil rights advocate for marginalized communities. She has served as the Special Advisor for International Disability Rights at the U.S. Department of State since 2010 through January 2017. She previously served as the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services at the U.S. Department of Education under President Clinton, the Adviser on Disability and Development at the World Bank, and Director for the Department on Disability Services for the District of Columbia. Judy is also the co-founder of both the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA and the World Institute on Disability. As Judy transitions out of her role at the U.S. Department of State, she has established a fellowship for her continued work and advocacy in disability rights and inclusion.

The International Disability Rights Fellowship is designed to offer significant networking opportunities and experience in national and global-level activities related to policy and legislative development, advocacy, and technical assistance. This fellowship is envisioned to be mutually beneficial; the fellow will benefit from the experiences, expertise, and exposure during the fellowship period and will contribute to the advancement and education of disability rights as civil and human rights domestically and globally. 

The term of the fellowship is 1 year starting on July, 2017, and is a full-time commitment. While in Washington, DC, the fellow is expected to work 40hr/week. The fellow is also expected to accompany Judy on travel, both domestic and international. Trips typically range from 1-7 days and hours will vary. The fellow will receive a salary of $28,000, including FICA and social security. In addition, all expenses while on travel will be covered (i.e., airfare, hotel, food).