Canine Life Support

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About Us

Canine Life Support works in Sri Lanka for rabies eradication, humane animal population management, education and animal welfare.

"More than 55.000 people die each year, as a result of rabies. 95% of human fatalities occur in Asia and Africa. Most human deaths follow a bite from an infected dog. Between 30% to 60% of the victims of dog bites are children under the age of 15." (Source: WHO)

We sterilize stray, community and owned dogs and vaccinate them against rabies as well as other diseases.

We inform people about rabies, about how to prevent dog bites, about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

We work according to a protocol: Catch Treat Release. This means that we will catch the dogs, treat them (sterilization, vaccination and if necessary other treatment) and we release the dogs back into the same area they were caught.

Informing/educating people is one of our major goals. When people know how to interact with animals and how to prevent confrontations with animals we will decrease the number of bite incidents.