Nashville College Connection

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About Us

Oasis Center believes that access to higher education is a critical pathway out of poverty for the young people we serve. Nashville College Connection (NCC) is an intensive college-counseling program providing individualized admissions and financial aid expertise to meet the needs of the students, their families, and the community.

NCC provides college resources to students traditionally without them, and who are underrepresented on college and university campuses, by working collaboratively with organizations across the community and the non-profit partners serving the students and their schools. But most importantly, NCC is designed to assist a student in finding their most appropriate “fit” in order to be successful and attain a college degree.

Nashville College Connection provides direct college admissions and financial aid services to youth (grades 7-12) so that they are more aware of their college options. Services provided include:

  • Outreach training to other organizations
  • College search workshops to students
  • Career exploration programs
  • 1:1 student and family counseling
  • On-line search and application technical assistance
  • Admissions application assistance
  • FAFSA Assistance
  • Admissions essay reviews
  • Mock admissions interviews