Fundacion Playa Africa

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About Us

This is an ongoing project with sustainable agricultural development of the land a priority, the construction of ecologically based cabins, with solar panels, rainwater catchment and organic gardening that will provide the nourishment for visitors.The vision of this Ecuadorian foundation is to educate visitors in ecologically sound practices of tourism, provide a natural respite from busy urban life at the same time provide support for the development of The Museum San Rafael. 

The museum referred to is the discovery of over 5,000 items of historical and geological importance found on the land by a lifetime resident of Playa Africa, Arquimedes Simisterra. Most of his collection dates to the Tolita period of Ecuador’s history (500BC) and a small amount of treasure from other periods as people bring their finds to him. His inventory is registered with the government (Inventario Nacional de Patrimony y Cultura Declaración Ejectiva- 816 Oficial Registro- 246, Jan. 2008) The collection is housed in a wooden cabin, that permits the weather to affect the artifacts. These important discoveries should be kept in a special environment to preserve and protect them for prosperities sake. The Museum San Rafael, includes over 5,000 pieces of archeology, ceramics, cups, bowls, vases, graters, grinders, tools, weapons and figurines. The location is somewhat isolated, at the end of a 5 kilometer dirt road. Word of the museum has spread not only in the closest town but throughout the province and all of Ecuador. The museum, free to all, receives no assistance from the Ecuadorian government and subsists on small donations alone.

The mission of the Fundación Playa Africa is to promote ecologically based tourism at the same time providing education to the public of the history and traditions of the ancient cultures of Ecuador.