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About Us


Blossom was founded in August 2016 by Tine Christensen. The idea to the project formed when Tine was overwhelmed by the homeless situation in San Francisco and also was reading different articles about being homeless as a woman and the difficulties staying sanitary, especially during the monthly female period.

Tine Christensen, lived in the Bay Area from 2013-2017, original from Denmark. Tine is a Medical Social Worker with a degree in Law.


Blossom will be an internationally recognized non-profit that works for creating respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion for vulnerable women.


Blossom is a non profit that through relationship-building work to create better conditions for homeless women, through prevention programs:

  1. Hygiene bags that seek to help homeless women managing their menstruation and for outreach professional to make contact with the women and promote health.

  1. A Locker Room space offering homeless women safe and secure lockers spaces and a community to interact with and help address life's challenges.


Blossom works out from the values ​​of respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion (that's what Blossom believes in and works for, that is why we do as we do ...)

Respect ~ Assumes the situation of vulnerable women

Dignity ~ By seeing women not as a pathology or social condition, but as a human being, with a life whose value is the same from ourselves.

Inclusion ~ By giving vulnerable women better opportunities through learning and support. As well, help them build the foundation for a brighter future and flourish to the potential they have.

Visibility ~ By seeing the women and telling their story and raising the awareness of their relationships.