Do-Gooders in Latin America

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Buenos Aires


About Us

So you've sipped mate in Argentina. Danced the samba in Brazil. Eaten tamales in Mexico. Rode a llama in Peru. And you just happened to do some good along the way in between all of your rich cultural experiences. (Or if you haven't done all of this yet, you want to.) Welcome to Do-Gooders in Latin America, a group for all you English speaking, practical dreamers out there who besides butchering the Spanish language at least once:

  • Are looking to connect with others engaged in community work
  • Want to pass on lessons learned and sound advice
  • Had an unforgettable experience you just have to share
  • Know of or want to find opportunities for action without paying a dime

Whether you've volunteered, are currently running a nonprofit or have an idea for a project in a Latin American country, this group is for you. Expats, students and travelers alike--vamos!

P.S. If you're a Facebook nerd like myself, check out our group there: