Monkeywrench Books

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110 E North Loop Blvd
United States

About Us

MonkeyWrench Booksis an all volunteer, collectively-run radical bookstore in North Austin. We provide an extensive collection of radical literature and media, prioritizing books, magazines, movies and zines that you won't find at your average corporate bookstore.

MonkeyWrench is more than a bookstore. It's a place for meetings, film screenings, workshops, benefits, book readings and performances. The store facilitates greater interaction among individuals and organizations working toward social and economic justice. It's a place where both experienced organizers and people new to political activism can find support, information, and a range of progressive viewpoints.

It's also a relaxed space to network and make connections over a cup of organic coffee or tea. At Monkey Wrench, we put theory into practice in the way we're organized.

Since 2002, the store has been collectively owned and operated in a manner consistent with our vision of a just world without hierarchical domination. In other words, we have no bosses. Decisions are made collectively using consensus process, and members of the collective are empowered to exercise creativity on individual projects. The bookstore is maintained by volunteers who believe in the importance of establishing alternatives to corporate capitalism, built on the values of cooperation, solidarity, equity and self-management. Through strategic alliances with our community allies, we strive to create a vibrant, independent Left culture in Austin.