Family Violence Law Center

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About Us

The Family Violence Law Center has been working to end domestic violence in Alameda County since 1978, when a small group of abuse survivors came together to found the agency. We provide legal, prevention, and counseling services that essentially give abuse survivors a second chance in life. Our trained compassionate advocates link survivors with the services they need to start again. Last year, FVLC provided comprehensive and integrated life-saving services to over 10,000 survivors and their children, helping them achieve safety and independence away from an abusive partner and supporting them as they heal from the violence they experienced. Our compassionate expertise is visible through our proven track record of helping all different kinds of families from all different backgrounds.

Our youth program RAP (Relationship Abuse Prevention) helps teach young couples the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Studies show that teens are actually at a higher risk for dating violence than adults. Our RAP program uses creative methods such as flash mobs and high school workshops to spread awareness.