ATS Pro Terra Sancta

About Us

TS Pro Terra Sancta is the non-governmental charitable organization of the Custody of the Holy Land

It promotes and coordinates activities for the development of international solidarity in the Holy Land in the Middle East, particularly in the areas in which the Custody of the Holy Land is represented: Israel, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Rhodes

The mission of ATS Pro Terra Sancta is to support the Custody of the Holy Land:

  • Preserving the Holy Places dear to Christianity in the Holy Land
  • Supporting the Christian community in the Middle East and particularly in the Holy Land
  • Promoting peace and dialogue in the Holy Land

These tasks were entrusted to the Custody of the Holy Land by the Church. ATS Pro Terra Sancta would like to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the fulfillment of this mission in the Holy Land; in particular by supporting the Franciscans’ projects for the Christian population in the Holy Places.