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About Pakathon:

Our vision is a Pakistan integrated with the global economy and contributing to the future of mankind. In 2014 we engaged over a 1000 participants across 15 cities in our programs.

The PAKATHON team across 15 cities across the world organizes competitions, workshops (hackathons) and seminars on programming, design and business to educate and support entrepreneurs that benefit the 180 million people of Pakistan. Pakathon helps these entrepreneurs access global ideas, markets, talent, and financing.

Our objectives are to:
Rebrand Pakistan: Change perceptions of Pakistan abroad and connect international entrepreneurs to Pakistan

Help the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan – we believe entrepreneurs will create jobs and future prosperity in the country.

Reverse the brain drain and connect Pakistani teams to global ideas, markets, talent and financing through global collaboration of participants and mentors.

Pakathon is a global movement with a mission to connect entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists from Pakistan to those around the world. The goal is to support the creation of sustainable projects and companies that make a positive impact and encourage a startup culture in Pakistan. Pakathon's flagship event is a weekend hackathon held simultaneously across over a dozen cities in Pakistan and North America.

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