Sylvan Beach Foundation

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7 W. Preston St.
United States

About Us

Sylvan Beach is a youth-run ice cream company that empowers marginalized young men to take control of their lives by taking charge of a business. New employees live together for at least a year as a family in a supportive environment to foster accountability and personal growth. After living in the community, youth take on leadership and management responsibilities to propel the company further. Our mission is to create a community of young adults who help one another develop lives of purpose and interdependence. At Sylvan Beach up to 8 men, ages of 18 to 22, work for their own housing, job-training, mentoring, GED instruction, and a weekly stipend in lieu of a paycheck in pursuit of self-sufficiency. The profits of the business are used to support these goals. Our businesses include: the Sylvan Beach Café (near the Meyerhoff); Mt. Washington Scoop Shop (near the Whole Foods and Starbucks); catering; wholesale ice cream; and festivals.