Cambodian Center for Human Rights

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Phnom Penh


About Us

CCHR is a leading non-aligned, independent, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights – primarily civil and political rights - in Cambodia. We empower civil society to claim its rights and drive change; and through detailed research and analysis we develop innovative policy, and advocate for its implementation.

Our vision is of a non-violent Cambodia in which people enjoy their fundamental human rights, are treated equally, empowered to participate in democracy, and share the benefits of Cambodia’s development. We desire rule of law rather than impunity; strong institutions rather than strong men; and a society in which diversity is harnessed rather than punished.

CCHR is an advocacy organization facilitating grassroots participation by empowering local communities through education of their civil and political rights. It facilitates constructive interaction between Cambodian civil society and the international community in order to advocate the progressive realization of Cambodian human rights.