Raising Voices

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About Us

Raising Voices is a small, results-oriented non-profit project based in Kampala, Uganda that works to prevent violence against women and children.

Goal: To advocate for and support the development of sustainable programs violence against women and children.

Our two main program areas and activities are: 1. Preventing Violence against Women. This program works throughout the Horn, East and Southern Africa. a) Development and publication of program tools on violence prevention b) Provision of technical support to help strengthen community-based violence prevention efforts c) Coordination of regional GBV Prevention Network (www.preventgbvafrica.org) d) Regional and international advocacy for increased attention and investment in violence prevention approaches.

2. Preventing Violence against Children. This program is focused in Uganda. a) National Media Campaign to open up dialogue on violence against children. b) Creation of child-friendly schools. c) Strengthening community-based responses to violence against children in Uganda.