Build Your City, County, or Country

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About Us

BYC is a specialized designed program organized as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization for governments and institutions. This program provides technical assistance and capacity building that specifically focus on efficiently developing key economic engines that grow neighborhoods, builds business, creates job and improves quality of life for citizens. This innovative program is uniquely positioned to assist governmental leaders aimed at spurring economic growth in emerging domestic markets (EDM) as well as underserved markets internationally.

BYC works with key government leadership to establish its banner initiative of “(B)uild (Y)our (C)ity, (C)ounty, or (C)ountry”. This year we are looking for volunteers to help with our 1st Annual Conference held From May 28th- June 1st 2014.For inquirires about volunteering email We would love at the least 10 , but would greatly appreciate even more if possible.