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About Us

Student Peace Alliance, the National Youth Movement for a U.S. Cabinet-level Department of Peace, has inspired students and youth across the United States. Student Peace Alliance (SPA) advocates for legislation to establish a Department of Peace through education and grassroots action. Student Peace Alliance members partner with local organizations that are effecting change in the areas of violence prevention and conflict resolution. SPA members work to create an environment on campuses and in local communities that promotes education and discussion about peace building on both the domestic and international levels. SPA also works in close partnership with The Peace Alliance state campaigns to advocate for a U.S. Department of Peace*. Since starting in March 2006, SPA has quickly grown to 90 chapters in over 30 states nationwide and recently held their first National Conference with over 300 youth attendees. Student Peace Alliance is committed to raising awareness among youth of the need to build not only a peaceful tomorrow, but a peaceful today. SPA is also part of the Global Youth Alliance, an international network supporting youth movements for Departments and Ministries of Peace.

  • There is currently legislation (HR 808) before the United States Congress to establish a Cabinet-level Department of Peace. This historic measure will augment our current problem-solving options, providing practical, nonviolent solutions to the challenges of domestic and international conflict.