Pragmatic international

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About Us

Pragmatic international is a civil society organization established in 2002.

Aims: Organizing public enlightenment programs for youths against social vices such as corruption, violence, cultism, fraud, drug addiction, human trafficking, prostitution and HIV/AIDS.

Acknowledge, liaise and support on continuous basis with constituted authorities, NGOs, International Organizations in the propagation of the African peoples cause via Nigeria.

Raise and give humanitarian assistance to victims, distressed persons, groups, arising from natural or man made disasters.

Work in concert with the mass media to inform and expose the bad attitudes of man to man and his environment.

Promote human rights and assist all organs or agencies of government to the benefit of the people.

Encourage hard work and diligence, by providing job opportunities and making loans available to trusted members with realistic feasibility studies.

Promote cultural and traditional institutions as a way of preserving our gradually disappearing heritage.

Encourage the development of sports and entertainment as another way of empowering youths in the contemporary modern Nigeria.