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Your little support will help to make future bright of our children.

Dear volunteers,

Welcome to Baal Sadan First of all, we would like to thank you for being here to help us. Your participation in our organization represents a lot of good things for our children, they are so happy to see new volunteers!

You should know that this organization is very poor, particularly in staff, and that is why we rely upon the contribution of voluntary service.

The purpose of this introduction is to give you information about the running of Baal Sadan. It will also give you information about your voluntary service.

It s difficult to know where we can start to explain about it, as there are so many things to tell you! Yet, step-by-step you will learn by yourself.

Baal Sadan:

Baal Sadan is a shelter of orphans and helpless children. We run this organization on 2003. It is registered in District Administrative Office (DAO); Kathmandu with registration no. and it is associated in Social Welfare Council with associated number.

  • · Our staff

Seven individuals are elected to form a representative council for the organization (president, treasurer, secretary, etc.). They aim to improve Baal Sadan as much as possible,through managing important administrative documents and providing financial funds every month. These members are not always present in Baal Sadan as they are working outside, however you will have opportunities to meet them.

Only one man works in Baal Sadan day by day, His name is Kapil DEVKOTA, social worker. He is the director of Baal sadan and is also a volunteer. He tries to manage the orphanage, which is why he has a lot of work. Fortunately, he is not really alone. Let me introduce our staff.

Kitchen sister, Didi (elder sister) is our cook and she takes care of upkeep. In her duties (cooking,washing clothes and dishes...) and other staff who is always with children in home he taking care children, help to do school homework and manage other many thing.

We want to welcome foreigner volunteers in our orphanage Home., for long or short periods of time. It is possible for volunteers to sleep inside of Baal sadan. (Volunteer room) or in our volunteering room with local family. Otherwise, you can find a room or guesthouse nearby. Volunteers can take breakfast, lunch and dinner in Orphanage Home. It is very helpful to make a donation for these services. This can be discussed with Kapil and you can find an agreement.

Now it times to tell you about the children, our beautiful angels. At the moment, there are thirteen living at Baal Sadan, aged between 4 to 10 years, seven boys and three girls. The children come from different areas of Nepal. These children have been brought to Baal Sadan from April 2012.

Most of them are orphanage; they lost their father and mother. Some children have members of their families but those members live in critical social and economic situations, and as a result they cannot take care of their children. Without Baal Sadan, these children would be living on the street with no home or education.

Now these children have new family, Baal Sadan. This group of children is like brothers and sisters in same family. They have their habits, their squabble, and their arguments. These children are self-sufficient and resourceful. It is not so difficult to control them because they have good behaviors.

Important things: All of our children go to a private school, Modern Academy (boarding school).This school is running from class one to ten. Children must be walk from home to school every morning with our volunteer. Volunteer must help children to cross the road. Children must be ready for school between 8:40am and 9:00am. Our organization is running by respect some rules and regulation of this private boarding school.

  • · Daily routine

If you want to have an idea of our daily routine, please see the table below. This is an example, but we usually follow this planning.

6h -6h30

Wake up!

In Nepal, most of the people waking up early in the morning, same like the sun. During winter season, children wake up later because of the cold (around 7:30)


Washing, cleaning, playing….

After washing their faces, they take time for breakfast.

During this time, children must complete their duties (cleaning room, classroom, playground…) and after that they can have fun in playing. Sometimes, some children need to complete their homework(it anyone cant complete his/her homework last evening)


Dressing , eating and be ready for school

Before taking Daal vaat ( Nepali Food),children should be wearing their uniform for school, and have their schoolbags packed…be ready for school.


School time

Our children are in school for learning .


Free time

Children change their clothes out of their school uniform, and become Baal sadan. Children take time for playing, washing school clothes….


Homework time

All children should work on their homework. Sometimes a tuition teacher comes to help them.In this time we really need help from volunteers.


Dinner and sleeping time.

Before dinnertime, children take time for playing. After having their dinner, they clean their plates, brush their teeth, and wash their face and go to sleep.

We follow this planning from Sunday to Friday. Indeed Saturday is a holiday in Nepal. So children can wake up a little later (we have the habit to watch a film on Friday night and children sleep later than usual). In the morning they clean their rooms, wash their clothes, and play…Saturday , we organize different program for children, Sometime we use this time to go to some park, picnic sport and … … … with volunteer. Most of the time we do different activities with children. (Challenge, sport activities, painting and drawing…everything is possible!) in orphanage Home.

When there is a special holiday (example festival, Indus gods days, strikes…) it is possible to organize one excursion day outside (park, zoo, visit, sport…). Our children have not many occasions to go outside of Baal Sadan, only for school. So you can imagine how is it nice when we organize outside activities.

Of course you can understand that these kinds of activities have a cost. Baal Sadan cannot support it alone.Most of the time we organized that with support of our volunteers. The main charges are transportation (rent of micro bus), lunch (picnic) and entry (park, museum…). If you have this opportunity, you are free to suggest it to Kapil and make a plan.

What a volunteer can do for us… many things!! It is also dependent upon you, your desires, and your skills. According to your choices, it possible to work at Baal Sadan and the school where our children are.

  • · Baal Sadan

We need volunteers during the children’s free time that is to say out of school time. During the week from 7h to 10h and 15h to 20h (approximately). On Saturday is good for that.

In morning time, we need volunteers for taking care of children, helping them to prepare for school (dress and school bag…). School uniform is very important in Nepal. They must have all, shirt, pant, tie, bell, socks, shoes….clean preferably!

And we also need your action to give them directives. Children have to do some duties, have to take hygienic habits….but you know that children forget it and need reminder: “Wash your hands, brush your teeth, wash your plate…!!!” –Become gentleman.

Before going to school, make sure that children are ready (homework complete, proper clothes, received their lunch…). All of our children are taking tiffin in school canteen.

First of all, after school time, it is time to play, time to let off steam! Often, children are exited after class; please make sure that they are careful.

Around five clocks, it is homework time. Children should go to their classroom according to their group (senior to Junior) and start their homework seriously. Sometimes, one tuition teacher (Nepali) comes to help them.Your presence is required for this time it is so helpful.

After this, time is free and you are also free to do what you want. Going in home and taking rest or take more time to play with children, taking dinner in Baal Sadan…

  • · Discipline

In Baal Sadan we draw up some rules (you can see it on a poster near the office room). When children do mistakes or don’t respect the rules, it is needed to give them punishments or something like this. Now, you know that there is always one adult with them, to control them, to take care of them…that is why it is easy for volunteer to do something with children. It is great for this job!

To tell the truth there is one good system with children of Baal Sadan, “cross system” (one table with the names of the children written). All adults, staff or volunteers (most of the time it is volunteers) are able to give them crosses when they break the rules. After four and then six crosses, children received punishment (cleaning all the plates, no games on Saturday, staying in room…-This are pounicement which we do for children.). Most important: if children didn’t get any crosses at the end of the week they received a prize. One of the funniest prizes is to go outside one Saturday to take something to eat (they like to discover news things, especially when it is about food!!!). So children know this system and follow it. But of course, you are free to make your own system.

  • · Office work

Your help is also appreciating in administrative things because Kapil has a lot of work in the office. So, if you want and if you have some skill in computer, in accounting, in English grammar, it is an opportunity!

This organization needs to make some documents in English (children’s report, monthly report, budget, health folder…) you can suspect that our English is not perfect! So you can check the grammar of our folders.

If you have the occasion to go outside with children (park, zoo, visit places…) we should make a report after that. If you want you are free to write a report about it. Taking picture of children and uploading in our website is other responsibility of our volunteer.

Others things can be also be made, it is dependent of our needs.

  • · Others things

It is difficult to explain all that you can do in Baal Sadan. To tell the truth, Baal Sadan changes day by day, faces news difficulties and needs. Situations are constantly changing. So it is up to you to find where you will be most helpful.

Sometimes, someone is needed to help in the kitchen (cooking or cutting vegetable) because she is so busy. Sometimes someone is needed to stand in gate for manage children departure to school.

You are free to take initiatives, but don’t forget to ask staff first.

  • · Behavior of volunteer

Of course, as a volunteer of Baal Sadan, you must respect and follow rules and regulations of Baal Sadan. You must help us to defend and respect the rights of children. We try to create the best environment for our children, please follow these basics rules:

- It is forbidden to smoke inside of Orphanage Home.

- It is clearly forbidden to bring hard drink or use drug in Baal Sadan. As it is forbidden to be drunk or under the effect of drugs in Baal Sadan.

- Don t use violence with children, and make sure that nobody uses it. If you know that someone beat children direct complain in the administrative part as soon as possible.

- Make sure that children don’t go outside the home without permission.

- Make sure of security in Home.

For volunteers who live in Baal sadan, you should know that we are responsible for you. Please, tell us when you decide to go outside of Baal Sadan. Maybe you are going to take some days for visiting or trekking. We need to know some information about it (date, places, duration, contact number…). According to this, we will be able to help you in case of an emergency.

Please ,here is some volunteering rules and regulation for our volunteer:

1. Volunteer must be in Orphanage home on a time.

2. It is not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol inside the orphanage Home.

3. Volunteer cant go outside with children without permission.

4. It is not allowed to best children.

5. Volunteer must do same activities with every child.

6. Organization must respect volunteer as a family member as well as volunteer respect all rules of organization.

If you have questions or suggestions, please tell us. Your ideas for the better futures of children are very interesting for us, it will help us to develop Baal Sadan for the better. We hope that you will have a great experience in our Baal family!

Thanks to our volunteers Baal Sedan is improving day-by-day, children learn new things and overall have received so much love!

Thank you

President ( Kapil ) Devkota

Your little support will help to make future bright of our children.

Dear volunteers,

Welcome to Baal Sadan First of all, we would like to thank you for being here to help us. Your participation in our organization represents a lot of good things…

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