Bop Htaw Education Empowerment Program

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Myanmar [Burma]

About Us

Through student-centered upgrading in English Language skills, Teaching skills and Education Management skills, Leadership skills, Critical Thinking skills and Basic IT (Computer) skills, Bop Htaw Education students are empowered to serve Mon National Education Committee (MNEC) Schools in Southeastern Myanmar as effective teachers and citizens of the world. This is done over four years: 2 academic years at Bop Htaw school campuses and 2 years teaching in MNEC schools. 

BHEEP envisions a future in which the current students and graduates – serving as positive role models for the next generations – will work for the improvement of MNEC education by emphasizing critical thinking skills, using active learning methods and being good life-long representatives of MNEC by holding other prominent positions in the Mon society.

At BHEEP, we believe:
  • Every student has the right to receive student centered, democratic education inside and outside the classroom
  • All stakeholders – including parents, school administration, partners and teachers – need to support students in their learning
  • Students and teachers should actively and enthusiastically engage with their learning
  • Current students will become active citizens and future leaders in Mon State and thereby expose a new generation of Mon children and teenagers to democratic leadership
The goals of BHEEP are:
  • To provide young adults with academic capacity, including English skills, Critical Thinking skills, active teaching methodology and basic IT skills
  • To improve the professional skills of the trainee teachers
  • To train sustainable teachers, community leaders and role-models who will be able to provide quality education in MNEC schools
  • To provide learning that continues to have a long-term impact on the education in Mon society