Norman Mailer Center and Writers Colony

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1841 Broadway
Suite 812
New York
United States

About Us

THE NORMAN MAILER CENTER's mission is to honor the creative legacy of Norman Mailer, and to support and celebrate future generations of writers who challenge readers’ perspective on the world around them. The Center promotes a vision of writers as “people of action.”

A diverse set of programming supports the Center’s mission, including creative writing workshops, the Mailer Fellowships, national student and teacher writing awards, artist retreat programs, and initiatives for international outreach and exchange. Through its work, the Center provides professional, monetary and educational support to early- and mid-career writers in all genres who embrace the values that drove Mailer’s work: namely, writers who wish to reach a broad audience; who fully exercise their creativity; who apply themselves to the craft of writing with the rigor of an athlete; and who thrive on dialogue and debate.

The Center aims to preserve the role of the engaged writer as not only a legitimate, but an indispensable voice in contemporary discourse.