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About Us

To connect the microfinance community through events, online services and opportunities for collaboration.


Connecting the microfinance community requires both face-to-face gatherings and an online community. SeaMo intends to provide opportunities in both spaces by hosting networking events and speakers series and by providing a website that serves as an events calendar, jobs board, community forum, and news source. We are starting in Seattle, which is fast becoming a hub for microfinance and is a great place for our bimonthly happy hour: Microfinance and Microbrews.


In April of 2007, two of our founders were discussing the amazing work being done to eradicate poverty through microfinance and began to consider how they, young professionals not working in the field, could become involved. Although they had financially supported several microfinance organizations, they sought a way to link their expertise to an area of microfinance that had yet to be fully realized.

The founders spent nearly a year considering ways to contribute to microfinance, eliminating some and tabling others, and along the way recruiting more friends and acquaintances until they had a strong core group to form the Board of SeaMo.