World Hope Academy

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About Us

World Hope Academy has become the vehicle for hundreds of children to escape the cycle of poverty. Located in the Kawangware Slum (East Africa’s second largest slum), outside of Nairobi, Kenya, the school educates children from Pre-School through the eighth grade. Now enrolling over 350 students, it has become a beacon of hope throughout the entire area.

Every morning at Hope Academy children walk to school, some from as far away as three miles, in their uniforms, sweaters, and shoes that we provide for them. At 10:00 AM they will break for a piece of bread and tea, and then again at 1:00 PM for lunch. For many of these children, this will be their only meal of the day.

The children are educated by university trained teachers and participate in the National Testing Service which is recognized throughout Kenya. World Hope believes that the way out of the slums is through education and we are committed to bringing the best education possible to these children.