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Christian Service unit,>5-3-224,Mission Hospital Road,Khammam

It is humbly submitted that we have been running a registered service organizations by name CHRISTIAN SERVICE UNIT (Regd.No.4469/1997). This organisation has the goal to show the love of God to the people among whom we live. Thus the ministry activities try to help different categories of those in need in our Society. Area of operations: Khammam and parts of Krishna, Guntur, Nalgonda, Warangal, Hyderabad etc.

Our Service activities are:


i) Shanthi Primary & High School in Khammam - There are nearly 320 -330 children in this school. School has been giving education at a very minimal expenses to the children. Nominal fee is collected for tuition. For example those who come in the School Bus pay Rs.30/- per month.

ii) Sriniketan Primary & High School, Wyra

The organization has helped in improving the condition of the class rooms. Regular subsidiary is providing for the honoraria of the school staff. There are nearly 350 children in this school.

iii) School on Wheels, Secunderabad

This school run by CLAP Foundation in Secunderabad is supported through this organization. A School Bus is converted into a class room.

The School is meant for the children of construction workers. The Bus goes to the construction site and the children gather in the Bus for Learning their lesson.


Centres for the Mentally Handicapped children run by other voluntary organization are supported by this organization. Such different centres are :

i) Teressa Centre for the Mentally Handicapped Children, Khammam

Day School is run in Nagarjuna Sagar Project quarters area in Khammam. Nearly 70- 80 children are cared for.

ii) Seva Sadan, Madhira

Besides the Day School, there is the Residential School. 60 – 70 children.

iii) Mephi Centre, Pedda Thanda, Khammam

25- 30 children are taken care of.

3) HIV+ Aids Children, Khammam

i) Happy Home : A residential centre by another organization is supported by this organization.

ii) Nutritious Food Packets for HIV children : Every month Nutritious food packets are distributed to 30 affected children besides 50 adults.

4) Children’s Homes ( Hostels / Day Care Centres)

a) 2 Children’s Homes – one for Boys, one for Girls in Gollapudi village in Wyra Mandal, Khammam district. Nearly 90 -120 boys & 50 – 60 girls are taken care of in these two hostels.

They attend the local government primary and high schools. All of them are from poor families – some are tribal children; some are orphan or semi orphan.

b) Children’s Home, Chinakakani, Guntur District

Nealy 25-30 children live in this Home, and attend the local government school.

c) Children’s Day Care Centre, Addagutta, Hyderabad

25 children are provided food and are helped to go to school.

d) Bethel Day Care Centre, Pakabanda Bazar, Khammam

20-25 children are provided food, and are helped to got o school.


1. Faith Home for the Aged, Gollapudi :

The organization runs this home in Gollapudi village, Wyra Mandal, Khammam district. Though in the beginning there were a few men, this Home is primarily for the elderly women – either with no children or abandoned by the children and their families. There are 17-20 old women being taken care of.

2. Bhavani Old People’s Home, Khammam,

We provide a small but regular help to the organization running this Home.

3. St.Mary’s Home for the Aged, Khammam

The Home run by the local church, was supported by this organization for a number of years.

6. Free Midday Meal Centres

Cooked food is provided every day in the following centres. Old persons neglected by the children/family collect food and take it to their homes. The centres are

a) Khammam - 12 to 20 persons

b) Gollapudi - 15 to 20 old persons

c) Bonakal - 40 old persons


Leprosy Colony, Warangal Cross Road, Khammam

a) Eleven Twin houses for 22 leprosy families were built for leprosy affected persons at the Warangal Cross Roads.

b) Regular Monthly help is provided to about 250 leprosy affected persons.

c) Repairs to their houses and Toilets have been / are being attended to.

d) The Leprosy affected persons are regularly checked for ailments other than leprosy and medicines are paid for by the organisation.

e) Artificial Limbs are provided to some leprosy victims who have lost their lower limbs because of amputation.

f) Games material and play equipment have been provided for the children of the leprosy victims.

g) Bore wells, Electric motor and water tank have been provided for them to have clean water.


a. Tricycles and wheelchairs are provided to some persons.

b. Artificial Limbs are provided through the Rotary Artificial Limb Centre by making donations to the Limb Centre on behalf of some needy persons.

9) CHARITY HELP is provided to nearly 20 – 30 persons every day at the Christian Service Unit administrative building in Khammam.

Once a month in two centres namely Jamalapuram and Gollapudi charity is distributed to nearly 30-40 poor persons.

10) Women’s Empowerment

a) Small Scholarships: Some College going girls are financially helped to pay their College fees.

b) Nursing Scholarships : A few young ladies are helped to pursue nursing Courses – Certificate & Diploma Degree lever course in Nursing.

c) Sewing Machines are provided to a few ladies to help them to earn a little to add to their personal income.

11) Supporting Young men students

Vocational Training for Young Men :

a) A few young men are being helped to train as mechanics, computer operators or other technical training.

b) College fee is paid for some young people pursuing Intermediate and Undergraduate course.


a) Free Surgical/Medical Camps

For the last many years hundreds of patients have benefitted from Free Surgical and Medical Camps conducted by this organization at St.Mary’s Hospital, Khammam.

b) Rural Health Clinics

Rural health clinics are run in 4 village centres with a resident Nurse practitioner in each centre. A doctor visits the centre one day a week and gives the necessary treatment.

c) Help to buy Medicines : Every day a number of poor sick persons are helped to have treatment or to buy medicines.


a) Deep Bore wells: Deep bore wells are drilled in different villages to provide clean drinking water to the poor.

b) A tractor with a trailor is made available in Gollapudi village at affordable rates for the poor agriculturists to carry on their farming work.


At times of natural calamities this organization contributed its mite by participating in the relief activities. Rehabilitation has also been done in partnership with the Habitat for Humanity.


a) Nearly 100 village pastors are provided with some financial support for them to be able to carry on with their work of leading, teaching & guiding the Christians of the village church.

b) Through the Asian School of Evangelism Bible is taught to those who desire to learn.

Donations are received from England and the USA for various charitable service activities benefiting thousands of poor and needy during the last many years mainly in Khammam District and surrounding districts.

Names of donor agencies are:

1. Christ for All in Andhra Pradesh, UK

2. Friends of Christ in India, Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, USA

3. Missionary Evangelistic Fellowship, USA


State and central government recognized our services to the poor and needy by honouring Dr.Azariah with several meritorious awards including “Rajiv Gandhi Manava Seva” award for the outstanding services for children in 2008.

Late Dr.Korabandi Azariah started his services to the needy from the year of 1953. Later, he formed the NGO and continued the work.

Christian Service unit,>5-3-224,Mission Hospital Road,Khammam

It is humbly submitted that we have been running a registered service organizations by name CHRISTIAN SERVICE UNIT (Regd.No.4469/1997). This organisation has the goal to…

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