Main Line Reform Temple School for Early Childhood Education

  • Pennsylvania


410 Montgomery Avenue
United States

About Us

About Main Line Reform Temple:

Through the study of sacred texts, stories and experiences of our people, we seek to transmit the values, ideas and dreams of our traditions to enable our members to make responsible religious and ethical choices. In the spirit of Liberal Judaism, Main Line Reform Temple-Beth Elohim (MLRT) is committed to a participatory, egalitarian and democratic process, both in ritual practice and governance. We offer programs that involve people of different ages and interests that allow them to develop and practice Judaism through worship, education, service to others and social activities. 

About the Main Line Reform Temple School for Early Childhood Education:

We are dedicated to the social, emotional and cognitive growth and development of young children in a Jewish environment. Our program incorporates Jewish values and traditions and encourages children, along with their families to consciously develop a Jewish identity and lifestyle.