Kyaninga Child Development Centre

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About Us

Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC) was founded in July, 2014 with a mission to provide much needed, high quality, specialised and affordable treatment to children with disabilities and their families and carers in order to enable them to lead more independent lives.

In addition to this, KCDC acts as a platform for education and support in the field of disability, offering training as well as guidance on best-practice-methods to both individuals, health care professionals as well as communities and other institutions requiring assistance.
KCDC aims to:

-Enable all children to reach their optimum potential so that maximal functionality is achieved, deformity prevented or reduced and the effect of disability minimised so that they may overcome many of the barriers that they and their families face.

·Provide high quality, specialised and affordable physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to children with disabilities and special needs in the Kabarole District, Uganda;

·Provide daily respite care for families with children with severe disabilities;

·Provide training, education and support to families, carers and communities in the care of children and young adults with special needs.

KCDC also runs an outpatient clinic based in Fort Portal, which is open daily for assessment, treatment and respite care. We conduct weekly and monthly outreach programmes to local schools, orphanages, health centres and communities, in partnership with other local community based organisations to provide much needed support and, where necessary, mobility aids.