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We are an independent, non-for-profit, start-up news organization based in Geneva.

Africa is not receiving a fair treatment from the international media. According to a Freedom Forum report unless there is war, famine and disease, Africa is absent in the radar of the international media.

But there is another story to Africa, one that is not about famine, war or disease. There are stories of economic growth, stability and political reforms spreading across most parts of the continent, but they are not the kind of stories that interest the international media, said Niall FitzGerald, chairman of Reuters (IHT, 2005)

Records from over 10’000 news items on the top - three international media houses in the US - between 1988-1990, showed that only 5.6% were attributed to Africa. Even so, they consisted mainly of horrific stories and news about nature (forest, animal, etc.). In fact, there is more news about gorillas in Rwanda than there is about human in Rwanda. This cannot be stopped – but it can be countered.

In a world dominated by the clichéd thinking of news “giants” offers a different and a new perspective of Africa. With the support and contributions from Africa-philes we will bring the good stories to life.