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About Us

Bright Star Vision is a secular grassroots organization whose purpose is to: Create a world in which children are free from harm and disease, they are educated, confident and motivated; a world in which every child has clean water, food in their stomach, shoes on their feet, a smile on their face, and joy in their heart. Bright Star Vision is a grassroots support organization that originated in 2005 when Marla Ludwig decided to visit Ghana for a vacation with no more than just her backpack earning her the nickname “Backpackin’ Granny” . Currently building a school in the Volta Region of Ghana. See Other projects 1) Monthly shipments of books and clothing & medical supplies 2) seeking a team of medical personnel to teach TBA's (traditional birth attendants) in the villages 3) continue work on our biosand water filter projects 4) murals in Sogakope and Dalive 5) join a team of volunteers to experience the joy and wonder of Ghana