University of Washington Museology Graduate Program

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About Us

The Master of Arts in Museology program at the University of Washington teaches you how to use museums to create stronger communities, and it prepares you for a career that will help you inspire others through the power and possibility of museums.

We believe in the power of integration. We integrate research and practice. Museum professionals need both hands-on experience, as well as strong skills in analytics and writing. We integrate disciplines. Museum studies is fundamentally an interdisciplinary field, and we’ve built and continue to maintain a program that purposefully sits at the intersection of various disciplines on campus. We integrate evaluation and research. Faculty infuse research throughout the learning experience. Students are trained to evaluate and test. To pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.

This two-year, full-time program is:


This program is grounded in research and evidence. To that end, all students must complete a thesis or master's project in order to graduate. We are also the only program in the United States to have a specialization in evaluation.


Exploration is healthy. Curiosity is encouraged. That's why we actively encourage students to try out as many different things as possible. Internships, classes, community events, research projects—all of these are great ways to explore what truly inspires you.


Our faculty and staff are invested in the success of every student. Really, truly invested. From helping you figure out your class schedule, to advising on career options, to making sure you produce a stellar thesis, they will support you every step of the way.