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140 Second Avenue, #501
New York
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About Us

<code>iLAND is a pioneering organization at the forefront of collaborative art and environmental projects, promoting dialogue and integration between disciplines in creative processes, research, and project development. iLAND believes that the results of such reciprocal research are informed and enriched by the different approaches of artists and scientists. Art and environmental projects are uniquely positioned to address the complicated challenges posed by climate change and the many issues surrounding the use of natural resources. iLAND’s programs support the development of sustainable cultural practices, and stimulate and encourage creative and dynamic interactions with the environment. Since 2006, the iLAB residency program has created opportunities for movement-based artists, scientists, environmentalists, architects and others to develop creative collaborative processes that engage ecologies in a range of sites in and around New York City. Other programs include an annual iLAND symposium that addresses issues of art and environment and iLANDing, a methodology for cross-disciplinary collaboration, as well as the artistic projects of Artistic Director Jennifer Monson.</code>