Kneady Kitten Rescue

  • Colorado

About Us

Kneady Kitten Rescue is a small foster-based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit rescue, officially founded in 2015. Our main focus is always on the individual that we rescue, not on the quantity of animals rescued. Even though Colorado is saturated with rescue groups and shelters, there is still a vast amount of cats in need, whether tame or feral, healthy or in need of treatment, problem child or angel, at-risk or in a stable home but can’t keep…the list goes on.

We accept unwanted, abandoned, unsocialized, abused, disabled, and at-risk cats and kittens of all ages for rehabilitation, socialization, rehoming and provide them with stability, quality care and vet services until an appropriate, loving, permanent home can be found.

Our organization is comprised entirely of volunteers, and animals are housed in foster homes. Most of our cats and kittens come to us from colony caretakers, “oops” litters, sold on street corners, have been abandoned to fend for themselves, and occasionally from other rescues or shelters.

We firmly believe the best solution to pet overpopulation is to spay and neuter, and take the time to educate adopters and the general public on responsible pet care.