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SAMVARDHAN SAMAJVIKAS SANSTHA, Karanja Lad Brief Introduction and Rational

Wetlands are important entities provide goods and services to whole biosphere. These vital entities are disappearing from the face of earth rapidly. Immediate effect of this erosion is on wetland dependent people like fishermen. In order to conserve wetland resources people depends on such resources should be sensitized and help should be taken from them.

Brief History: Since last decade like minded youths has been informally engaged in the various issues related to nature conservation. Formally in 2007 this group established SAMVARDHAN SAMAJ VIKAS SANSTHA under the society registration act 1860 and Trust act.

• Brief Objectives: 1. To prepare status report of the Adan river and associated water bodies and concerned people. 2. To strengthen sustainable livelihood through National Rural Employment Guranty Scheme (NREGA) and Aquaculture. 3. To conserve riverine resources through the establishment of the Fresh Water Protected Areas. 4. Creating awareness regarding various issues of the environment. 5. To rejuvenate traditional Conflict resolution and Decision making systems

1. The root cause of the most of the today’s social issues and group conflicts lies in the degradation of the natural resources and collapsing traditional village systems. 2. The solutions to local problems would best begin at the local level by the local stakeholders which can be facilitated by empowerment done by external agencies like NGOs. 3. Holistic approach can only be an important approach by which situation can be ameliorated. Holistic approach involves consideration of the as many as components of the wetland while intervention. The movement of the whole basin management is essential where various human, ecological, economic, cultural, human resources, political approaches are essential to save wetlands and to ensure sustainable life.