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About Us is an online community of people who want to turn their charitable desires into a reality. Whether that's funding a small village in Ghana, or building a playground in their local community – anyone can come to GiveMeaning to make use of our online tools.

GiveMeaning allows you to post:

1. Project Pages - Any charity or individual can have their own page. Post pictures, write a blog, and feature all those who donate to you cause. Each donor can describe who they are and what they care about or donors can remain anonymous.

2. Personal Fundraising Pages - Planning an event or participating in a walk-a-thon, swim, etc? Then why not have your own page for friends and family to give to your cause.

GiveMeaning is unique in several ways: We charge nothing to donors or to the charities that make the donors' projects happen, which means that: 100% of all donations we process are distributed to charity. As a donor-centric service, our privacy policy ensures that contributors are never spammed, and their information is never resold or shared.