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About Us

Care 2 Communities saves lives by bringing sustainable primary health care to communities in the developing world.

Care 2 Communities (C2C) is creating a model for sustainable, community-based healthcare in Haiti

through a network of quality-assured, “one stop shop” clinics. Our care model meets the health needs

of poor and low-income families, delivering high-quality, low-cost primary care and free maternal

health services. C2C’s first community clinic in Northern Haiti opened in 2013 and we currently

operate a network of 4 clinics, which serves over 20,000 people every year. In the next two years,

C2C will more than double the size of its footprint, opening 5-6 new clinics, to reach over 50,000

patients each year.

C2C’s “one-stop shop” facilities employ local Haitian clinicians and are maintained by local supply

chains; we are building local businesses and injecting capital and capacity into the Haitian economy.

While philanthropy covers initial start-up costs of new clinics, small patient fees help cover clinic

costs moving forward. We have over 40 staff members in Haiti, who deliver primary care at clinic

sites and health education and social support at the community level.

C2C has three central goals:

1) To guarantee that poor families are able to access high-quality health services,

2) To improve health outcomes for local communities, and

3) To create viable social businesses that ensure health services to a community in perpetuity.