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About Us


  1. TEAMHAITI initiates various social and cultural events targeting a variety of demographics, supports EMPOWERMENT of different at-risk populations, promotes INNOVATION amongst young generations in the arts, sciences, and new mediums.

All proceeds from #TEAMHAITI's initiatives are used for specific causes that reflect our mission -- BON BAGAY!

What does #TEAMHAITI want to be?

  1. TEAMHAITI aims to become an integral part of Haiti's Cultural Restoration and we stand firmly behind this statement: "Pride in our Ancestors & Belief in our Children".
  1. TEAMHAITI is an initiative that begun this year, 2012, and has infected people with hope and excitement in Haiti and its people. We want to spread that excitement by providing meaningful events, products, and information on ways that you can contribute to #TEAMHAITI's focus on the growth and success of a beautiful country.

Become a part of a great future for a country who's beauty and people embody the true meaning of RESILIENCE!

We are grateful for all that you can do and we hope you feel the passion we feel, and help us propel #TEAMHAITI to great heights!

The Impact

We hope to build a network of people, contributors, businesses and much more, who believe in our efforts to revitalize a country, and people, who have suffered and deserve better for themselves, their children, and their future!

We want to do this in as many ways as possible, but we have chosen to begin this journey by introducing: The Paradigm Series!

The Paradigm Series is our way of expressing creative, unconventional approaches to raising money and awareness.

The first event in the Series was Sunset on the Bridge.

Sunset On the Bridge was a networking mixer for young entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals in an envrionment designed to facilitate intellectual interdependence and social advancement.

Other Ways You Can Help

If any of the perks are outside of your means — you can still help by spreading the word. Plus, we always need more volunteers! There is always something that can be done to support our cause.

Also, don't forget to share #TEAMHAITI on the web! We really appreciate it!

And that’s all there is to it.

(Smiling & Waving from Brooklyn, NY) Thank you!