Redstone Labor Temple Association

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2940 16th st.
room 314
san francisco
United States

About Us

Built in 1914 as the San Francisco Labor Temple, The Redstone Building has a rich and socially meaningful history. The Redstone Building was the head quarters for the 1934 San Francisco General Strike, which played a role that ultimately lead to the establishment of Social Security and the 8-hour workday. In recent years, the Redstone has developed into a thriving community center, housing numerous non-profit activist, social service and arts organizations. We, the tenants, formed the Redstone Tenants Association (RTA) in 1999 to give us control over our own future and preserve our place in the vibrant fabric and diversity that is the Mission District.

Our current goals:

  • Preserve the Redstone Building/Labor Temple as a local historic landmark
  • Establish the Redstone Building as a Community Center
  • Maintain the community-based and diverse profile of Redstone tenants.
  • Serve the Mission District community.
  • Retain good relationships between community, tenant, and City stakeholders.