SeaChange Capital Partners

  • NY


1385 Broadway, 23rd Floor
New York
United States

About Us

SeaChange is a nonprofit founded by former partners of Goldman Sachs in the belief that an organization providing select merchant banking services to the nonprofit sector could help donors and organizations achieve greater social impact. Our mission is to enable transactions that increase the impact of nonprofits while offering leveraged funding opportunities for donors. 

We pursue our mission though four overlapping lines of business:

Mergers and Collaborations: We make grants to support nonprofits in exploring mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, and other types of formal, long-term collaborations.

Lending and Investment: We make loans and other types of flexible, high-impact investment capital available to support the real estate, working capital, and expansion capital needs of nonprofits in New York City.

Advisory Services: We provide transaction-related advisory services to nonprofits including financial modeling and analysis, transaction support, fund design, risk management, and strategy assessment.

Network: On an opportunistic basis we work to build connections and share knowledge within our network to enable transactions and generally “stir the pot.”