Microfinance Volunteers

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About Us


Community Microfinance Limited (CML) started a volunteer program in 2012 after realizing that there was a need to create opportunities for our organization internationally. The activities that our volunteers worked on during their stay with CML made us realize that loans cannot solve many of the community challenges that our clients and the general community are facing. The management of CML realized that there was a need to start another organization this time with a nonprofit mission or one with a goal to help the community in other charity based or managed problems.

What prompted Community micro-finance to start Microfinance Volunteers (MFV)?

Social mission goal
Community microfinance has a goal that is twofold, one that is profit oriented and a social oriented mission. To realize these two goals required us to separate or segregate these two goals with two organizations. Community microfinance is run as a profit company yet Micro finance Volunteers is a charity not for profit organization. Microfinance Volunteers (MFV) helps Community microfinance fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Not every problem can be solved by using credit.
The first reason was that our clients faced many challenges that credit alone cannot solve. Through experience we realized that other alternatives needed to be created to help our clients and the general community have solutions to the many problems that exist.

Internship opportunities to both local and international students
Many students both local and international find it hard to get opportunities to carry out their internship. We realized that in the communities where we work development challenges exist that students on internship need to appreciate and at the same time try to find solutions. MFV offers interns with an opportunity to work with communities in need.

Volunteer Opportunities
Many people around the world are looking for opportunities to volunteer in areas of their choice as a way of helping solve human problems. MFV offers international volunteers the much needed opportunities to serve or work with communities in areas of their specialty or where there is a touching need to solve.

MFV opportunities are not limited to microfinance but are generic in nature. MFV is simply a platform which one can use to volunteer in the various areas of need in our communities. The scope of the volunteers’ opportunities span from working with microfinance organizations and Saving and credit societies, teaching in primary schools, teaching in secondary schools, teaching computer in community ICT center, training entrepreneurship to youth and women groups, working in health centers, working with community environment initiatives, community based organizations etc

Volunteer funded projects
Many volunteers wish to fund or fund raise for initiatives that touch their hearts. MFV offers volunteers an opportunity to fund or fund raise for a cause of their choice in relation to the needs that they see in the communities. MFV offers the volunteers information and guidance where such information is required for the volunteer to make sound decisions. MFV has technical and experienced development workers which gives volunteers ease when working with the community.