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About Us

Only recently has the health of the planet become a mainstream [social] issue. Environmental scientists for years have been warning us of the catastrophic affects our daily activities have on the delicate balance of our ecosystem. However, even with the increased social awareness and scientific data, we continue to plague the planet with more devastation in our everyday choices and behaviors that we take for granted. If we continue on this route unchecked, the degree of change that will be necessary to heal our planet will be staggering and, by then, it may be too late.

The earth and all of its inhabitants is one large ecosystem of connectedness that is interdependent for mere survival. Human overpopulation, ignorance and greed are causing our natural resources to plunder to the brink of extinction and without them, we cannot survive. The choices we make now will determine in what condition we leave the earth for its inhabitants for generations to come.

MAfA's mission is to bring this awareness to light and offer solutions to those already working towards social and environmental change. The awareness that we are all in fact connected - animals, people and the environment - is key to our role in preserving and ensuring not only the survival of the planet, but also its chance to thrive.