Rauschenbusch Center

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410 West 40th
United States

About Us

Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries seeks to encourage the social, educational, spiritual, and economic growth of the "Hell's Kitchen" community. We offer non-sectarian, multifaceted educational opportunities and direct services to community residents through partnerships between Metro Baptist Church, area residents, mission organizations, and community service providers.

We extend a call to others to enter into partnership with us. Our mission is to offer hope and renewal who have been trapped by and uncaring system and to fight personal and systematic injustices which sow despair. As we build a network of providers and caregivers, we make our services available to the people of the Clinton South neighborhood.

The Teen Center is just one of the offerings of the Rauschenbusch Center. It is open four days a week to urban middle and high school students and intentionally provides safe space for mentoring, healthy community building, education and fine art enrichment, and service emphasis.