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About Us

Higher education in Israel plays a fundamental role in the economic and social development of the country. All institutions of higher education operate under the authority of the Council for Higher Education. The quality of Israeli university education is very high and prestigious, and relatively inexpensive. Israel's quality university education is largely responsible for the country's high tech boom and start-up nation phenomenon.

Haifa, the third largest city in Israel, is the ideal urban setting for a vibrant academic center. Located on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Haifa is marked by an exciting multiculturalism long known for its ethnic and religious tolerance.

The University of Haifa is the largest comprehensive research university in northern Israel. It is a microcosm of Israeli society dedicated to academic excellence and social responsibility.The University of Haifa's dual mission of first-rate higher education and service to the community at large is manifested, in part, by providing equal educational opportunities to all sectors of the society. The University of Haifa is the most pluralistic institution of higher education in Israel: students from veteran cities and development towns, kibbutzim and moshavim, new immigrants, Jews, Arabs, and Druze, IDF officers and security personnel--all sitting together in the classroom in an atmosphere of coexistence, tolerance, and mutual respect.  The culturally heterogeneous student body adds to the stimulating intellectual atmosphere on campus.

The International School provides programs, in English, from students from all over the world to join in the cultural mosaic of campus life in Haifa. We offer short-term summer and winter programs, as well as semester/year abroad programs, internship programs and full degree Master's programs.