Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition, Inc.

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248 Cabot Street
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About Us

The Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition is dedicated to increasing the availability of quality housing for low to moderate income households and individuals in Beverly.

Founded in 2000 as an all-volunteer grassroots organization, the Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition has emerged as one of the North Shore’s foremost housing and community development organizations. Since its inception, the Coalition has purchased and preserved 91 units of affordable housing in Beverly. The Coalition has undertaken two affordable housing developments unprecedented for the city of Beverly. The first, Cabot Street Homes, presently the 34-unit Mayflower Hotel rooming house at the gateway to downtown Beverly, will be redeveloped into a 43-unit LEED-certified studio apartment building. The second is Holcroft Park Homes, which will transform the heart of the low-income Gloucester Crossing neighborhood by redeveloping 41-units of rental housing in 11 long neglected properties into 65 units of affordable rental housing in six new, architecturally attractive buildings. Cabot Street Homes and Holcroft Park Homes are the largest developments of new rental housing in Beverly in over 25 years.

In addition, the Coalition coordinates community development initiatives, including the innovative Gloucester Crossing Resource Group, a collaborative of 17 agencies, the police, and neighborhood residents working to respond to poverty in the Gloucester Crossing neighborhood.

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