Techamos Una Mano

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About Us

Techamos Una Mano (TUM) was created in 2008 by a group of young Oaxacans concerned about the deterioration of the environment.

In search of options for the management of solid waste generated at home, they developed an innovative technique by which waste materials such as TetraPak (milk cartons and juice boxes) and PET plastics (water, soda and juice bottles) line and insulate the walls of prefabricated, ecological structures for families living in poverty. In this way, the project meets two important goals: environmental and social.

Environmentally, the reuse of the solid waste reduces the volume coming to the local landfill, and in the communities that do not have a designated dumpsite, prevents the waste from being burned or thrown into mountains, fields or streams.

Socially, this project improves living conditions for families living in tin houses in marginalized communities. Existing structures are replaced by houses with green walls and covered outdoor spaces for cookfires, a benefit to public health. The housing is made by young volunteers from Techamos Una Mano, together with members of the local community and the beneficiary family, which encourages the building of a supportive and participatory citizenship