The City of Light and Liberation Foundation

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Ondo State


About Us

The City of Light and Liberation Foundationis a non-profit organization founded in 2009, registered in Austria and in Nigeria. It is a service learning framework for enhancing community development.

It is a faith-based poverty alleviation initiative undertaken to nurture development start-up endeavours to full maturity through the facilitation of training, enterprise and employment opportunities for less privileged Nigerians by working in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations. Areas of priority include private sector start-ups in IT, carpentry, hair-dressing, farming, tailoring and fashion design, construction work and brick laying. Individual coaching and group seminars and workshops are also offered especially in renewable energy technology.

Our Aim is to create training, development and employment opportunities to less privileged Nigerians.

How we work

  • We work hand in hand with both governmental organizations, & NGOs.
  • We are a Christian organisation and are willing and desire to help people of all religions and nationalities.


  • To educate and enlighten Nigerians about the real situation in Europe.
  • To create awareness and training programmes about the dangers in human trafficking, prostitution, drugs and fraud.
  • To provide vocational training for Nigerians in various fields of skill acquisition and human development.
  • To serve as a re-integration centre for victims of abuse

What we do

  • Provide training and technical support for self employment; i.e, help and nurture businesses or individuals to full maturity
  • Provide financial assistance for start-ups; e.g in services like computers, carpentry, hair- dressing, and agriculture, tailoring and fashion design, builders and brick building
  • Organize seminars and training workshops for groups and individuals.