Circle Painting

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About Us

Are you an artist, teacher or community leader who is “all for art” and want to take “art for all” into your community? Look no further! Circle Training will stretch your artistic muscles and feed the imagination of the masses.

Circle Painting makes your event big, bold, and fun. We design and implement a colorful array of collaborative painting projects that dazzle people at festivals and community events around the world. Our activities are fun and easy to follow. It attracts even those who usually say “No” to art. We play and produce serious artworks based on the circle theme. Invite Circle Painting to your next event!

Circle Painting was founded byHiep Nguyen, an artist and teacher who believes in making art accessible to all. Since 2007, we have traveled to 10 countries and engaged over 100,000 participants.

What We Do:

We lead Circle Painting at festivals and community events.

We train people to facilitate Circle Painting.

We mentor youth to organize Circle Painting.