Villa Musica

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10373 Roselle Street
Suite 170
San Diego
United States

About Us

Villa Musica is San Diego's community music center, enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to discover, explore and enhance their music skills as part of a network of musicians, educators and lovers of music.

Founded as a non-profit corporation in November 2005, Villa Musica is a vibrant gathering place where people can come together to take music lessons, play in an ensemble, or participate in a workshop.

Villa Musica seeks to create a focal point for community music education in San Diego, where students and teachers can meet to exchange ideas and experience the joy of making music. By creating a supportive and creative environment for the study of music, we aim to inspire many San Diegans to embrace music making as part of their lives.

Latest Listings

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Pop/Rock Songwriting Camp Counselor (Volunteer Opportunity)

Chamber Music Camp Counselor (Volunteer Opportunity)

Advanced String Camp Counselor (Volunteer Opportunity)

String Fundamental's Camp Counselor (Volunteer Opportunity)

Pitch Perfect Camp (Volunteer Opportunity)